Very lively character, cheerful, brave, prudent and self-confidence. Often make funny moves, is a happy dog. Easy to train, loyal to its owners, but wary of outsiders. When the ground or underground indomitable, all the senses are very developed. Outdoor, sausage dogs brave, energetic and tireless; indoors, it is loving and sensitive, friendly, quiet time, play time need to …… body length, close to the ground, legs are short, energetic and muscular, skin elasticity and flexibility, no wrinkles. His ability to act seems not look lame, awkward, not look difficult. Confidence, raised his head, very harmonious, clear, and facial expression is intelligent, alert. In the hunt and rely on his nose, big voice, and unique body structure, so that he is fit to work underground or in the bush. His keen sense of smell so that he can go far beyond other species. Note: Since he is a hound, scars are a symbol of honor, not as a defect.


Size: Dachshund can be divided into two sizes, standard and mini. Mini dog show in the breeding and not a separate category, but in the race, will be “11 pounds, 12 months and a large number of” the dog a separate category. Standard weight of about 16 to 32 pounds.


Head: from above or from the side, the head is tapered (tapered to the tip of the nose direction). Eyes medium sized, almond-shaped, dark eye socket, face and pleasant, comfortable; eyes are not sharp; color is very dark. Nose (cross eye) is very strong and prominent. Dachshund in addition to spot color, eyes color ring there are very serious flaws. Ears very close to the top of the head, not over front, medium length, round, not too narrow, too sharp, or folding. Hanging ears, when the activities, the anterior edge of the ear close to the cheek, as part of the face. Head slightly arched, neither too broad nor too narrow, gradually sloping, after a slight, but it can detect the stop, the transition to a sophisticated, slightly arch tone. Black is the color of choice for nose. Extension of the lips close, covering lower jaw. Nostrils open. Zhang’s big mouth can, jaw and skull behind the junction is located under the eyes, bones and teeth are very strong. Teeth: strong canine teeth close, scissors bite. Clamp-like bite, and are small defects, and other biting and severely penalized.


Neck: long, muscular, clean, no fat, neck and back slightly arched, smooth integration into the shoulder.


Trunk: a long, muscular torso fully developed. Observed from the contour, the back (from withers to a short and slightly arched between the waist) as straight. Body hang loosely on the shoulders is a serious flaw. Abdomen: a little tucked up.


Forequarters: In order to effectively work underground, the former hindquarters must be strong, deep, muscular and clean. Good front reach is: chest. Sternal prominent in front of a very strong, so that both sides have shown that collapse or depression. From the front, thorax oval, down to the middle of the forearm. Is good support around the ribs, rib oval and fullness, resulting in ample space to fully develop the heart and lungs. Chest into the abdomen the end of the line gradually, and the full extension, more than forelimbs. From the outline view, the end of the deepest chest was covered forelimbs. Scapula. Length, width, tilt back, firmly on top of security in the fullness of chest, very close to the withers, muscle stiff and flexible. Upper arm. Ideally, the same length and scapula, and shoulder blade at right angles, back tilt, and close to the ribs, elbows close to your body, but the freedom movement. Forearm. Short, front and lateral muscles hard but flexible, the inside and back of the tendon close extended, slightly curved inward. Between the forearm and paw joints (wrist) than the distance between the distance between the shoulder joint to close, it looks very straight in front; joint than a disqualification. Feet. Forefoot full, close, compact, with a moderately arched toes and very hard, thick pads. The feet may have tilted slightly outward. There are five toes, four toes useful, close together, arched and strong, nails short. Forelimb wolf claws may be removed.


Hindquarters: strong and muscular definition. Pelvis, femur section I, section II, femur, metatarsus length of the ideal structure is the same, right angles to each other more than a continuous connection. From the rear, the thighs strong and powerful. Legs, turning neither in nor out. Metatarsal: Short and strong, perpendicular to the section II of the femur, from behind, they are perpendicular and parallel to each other. Feet (hind paw): Little more than front feet, four tightly and, arched toes, thick pads. The feet straight ahead, feet the whole harmonious, spherical, not just the toes. After the wolf claws may be removed. Hip: long, round and plump, a little tail in no apparent income. Tail: the extension of the spine in line, not crooked, distorted, or significantly curved, not too cheerful to lift.


Gait: smooth and smooth. The forelegs move forward well and can not lift the leg too high, and the hindquarters of the drive movements complement each other. The right shoulder and right elbow structures to allow the pace of stretch, a great stride. Observed from the front, forelegs are not absolutely parallel to the plane in motion, but slightly inward, to offset the short legs, and chest width of the impact. Hindlimb-driven movement along the same line with the foreleg, hock (metatarsus) turning neither in nor out. Hind the driving force is mainly dependent on him to fully extend his legs, from the side, the hind legs extended forward and backward extension of the extent of the degree of consistency. The correct action after the push off is in the process of stretching the entire back, clearly visible after the Mats. The feet should be parallel with the direction of travel, not swing, and horizontal, not interfere with each other. The pace of short, undulating movement, swing, high leg lift gait, over or past tense, too close, too far away are all wrong. Dachshund must have a lively, free movement, endurance to complete his work.


Temperament: Dachshund is clever, lively, brave, a little reckless, indomitable when the ground or underground, all the senses are very developed. The performance of any shyness is a serious fault.


Features three different coat: Dachshund three different coat types: (1) Short-haired type, (2) bristle type, (3) long-haired type, there are two specifications: standard and mini These two specifications have the above three kinds of hair types. All the features described below are included in two different specifications.


Shorthair type: The coat is short, smooth, smooth. Neither too long nor too thin. Ears can not look like leather. Tail: the end of the tail tapering, but not too much hair. The lower abdomen long, sleek hair, some pieces have thick hair and not be penalized. Brush-like tail is a fault, the whole or part without hair hairless tail is also penalized. Hair color: basic colors though not important to determine the style and the basic color or dominant. Single color, red (with or without a dark shadow of scattered light brown) and cream. Chest of a small amount of white is allowed, but not ideal. Nose and nails black.


Color, including black, chocolate, wild boar, gray (blue), fawn (Isabella Brown), each with a brown stripe, above the eyes, jaw on both sides, lower lip, the edge of the ear, in front of , chest, front legs and back inside, feet and around the anus and lower side in the tail, the tail extending to 1 / 3 to 1 / 2. Inappropriate or too light brown markings highlighting unsatisfactory. Chest of a small amount of white is allowed, but not ideal. Nose and nails, black dog is black; chocolate color and other color is dark brown dog, but their color is acceptable.


Stripe color, “single stripe” style, light-colored markings visible range, with a very deep background convergence, can be any possible color. Neither is the color of light and can not be dominated by dark colors. Nose and nails with monochrome or color sausages as sausages. Part or the whole eye color is blue (colored ring inside the eye), with dark eyes, is acceptable. Stripe color sausage in a large area of white chest markings is allowed.


“Double stripe” is a sausage in the body color stripes appear different amounts of white markings on nose and nail color and monochrome sausage or sausage the same. Local or part of their color is acceptable.


Striped color pattern (contrast color) is in general a black or dark stripes, although some markings Dachshund can only see the color brown stripes.


Bristle type:

Coat: In addition to jaw, eyebrows, ears, the body is covered with tightly integrated, short, thick, rough, hard outer coat, a delicate, soft, short hair (undercoat) distributed in the rough hair. Lack of undercoat is a fault. Distinctive facial hair, including beards, eyebrows. Ear body hair than short hair, almost smooth. Bristle hair Dachshund general arrangement, observed from a distance, roughly the same with short hair Dachshund. If some soft hair, both in the body, especially in the head, is a fault. The right hair length, curly hair or wavy hair is the same. Was irregular strip of hair, in different directions. Tail: robust, with thick hair, tapering to the tip. Flat tail is a fault. Hair color: the color is mostly wild boar, black, brown, with a different depth of red, all colors are allowed. Although a small amount of white chest acceptable, but not ideal. Nose and nails: the same type with short hairs.


In Long:

Coat: smooth, shiny hair slightly wavy, neck, chest, body below the hair behind the ears and long legs. Coat to give him a gentle appearance. Ear hair short is not ideal. Hair off with the rich, the formation of the mask, the entire body of hair the same length, curly coat, or in the back of a clear distinction should be penalized. Tail: moderate holding, the online extension of the spine. The best hair length, flag-like. Hair color: the same as with the Short-haired Dachshund. Nose and nails: as with the Short-haired Dachshund.



Note: The preceding description is the ideal Dachshund, all deviate from the above description of the place is a fault, and where the deviation is important, if contrary to cultivate this variety points of different types of purposes.